The Day I Turned Neon Green

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Last Saturday I voluntered at the 5K Color Vibe Run in Greensboro. I would like to confess that in the beginning, when I had to wake up at 5:00 on a Saturday, I was not happy.

With the help of my friends and the new ones I mad, I ended up in this condition:

I had the blast of a lifetime throwing green powder at strangers. I know that sentence sounds super weird, but it was therapeutic in a way. Everyone was so happy to either run, jog, or walk the race. We had music at our station so that automatically made things 1,000% better. 
Before the walk 

My lovely green war powder

When you try and take a picture that's Tumblr worthy, but it's clearly not

I was finally able to get another color! Even if it was a just a smidgen

Before and after!

Update from my last post:

So I told the guy I like how I felt. It was a little awkward, and the information had to be pried out of me, but I did it at last. Just as predicted he doesn't feel the same, but that's okay because now I can move on since I officially know the facts. Him and I have actually decided to work on our friendship, so that's cool. 

Until next time!

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