5 Things I Learned Freshman Year of College

Friday, May 8, 2015

1) Go out and enjoy the things available to you. There is free stuff everywhere. Join at least one organization, it's the easiest way to make friends besides talking to people in your classes. 

2) Try your best to not be afraid. I spent so much time not doing certain things because I was afraid of what others thought of me, so I wouldn't putting myself out there. However, being afraid for your safety is another thing though. If your gut is telling you not to do it. Don't do it. My friends would want to go to parties off campus in a sketchy part of town and I would decline their invitation every time because it didn't sit right with me.

3) Talk to professors, they're the ones who give you the grades. Most of them also have random, yet helpful, life experience. Don't just talk to professors, talk to new people, you never know what they know or who they know. Talk to everyone even the cafeteria workers (they'll give you extra food, it's great).

4) I shouldn't have to tell you this but in case you forgot: Be kind. Everyone is going through something in life, no matter how cliche the statement is.

5) Be bold. Start a club. Wear whatever you like. Take the good sort of risks.

My personal advice: don't fall for someone who lives in the same building as you because if things go bad your chances of seeing them drastically increases and avoiding them will be hell. Plus it'll be awkward when they bring a new lover up to his/her room and you awkwardly bump into them in the elevator (unless you swear off the elevator to avoid this very scenario). 


My room the first week of college in August 2014

As you can see I had to make some decor changes by the end of the day

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