Honey, I'm Home- My first week in Sydney

Monday, June 22, 2015

After for traveling for 24 hours and crossing thousands of miles, I safely made it to the beautiful country of Australia. I'm so incredibly proud of myself for conquering a fear that I've faced for a good deal of time. Shout out to Qantas airlines for making my 14 hour flight super comfortable! As a girl who is mildly addicted to her phone, it was a relief to be able to charge my phone in my seat.

This was taken over LA (it gave me goosebumps) and I'm still sad that my first time in California was spent in the airport for an hour.

After sleeping on and off, starting Casablanca and Julia & Julie and not finishing either of them, actually watching Penguins of Madagascar and Mordeci, I made it to Sydney.

My first week was super eventful. I visited the Opera House, The Blue Mountains, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Observatory Hill, the Harbor Bridge, and this beautiful mall I visited in the city.

Sleepy koala

This kangaroo posed for me

A group of penguins waddling along

I don't know what kind of bird this is, but I couldn't resist taking this picture

Albino kangaroos, even their eyelashes were white!

Wombat just chilling in the clay dirt

Three Sisters rock formation

Some of my study abroad students in front of a waterfall in the Blue Mountains 

I wasn't sure if I was in a mall or a castle

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