Week Three in Sydney

Friday, July 3, 2015

I took the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly Beach, it was about a 20 minute ferry ride. Before we took the ferry we chilled around the Opera House for a bit. The beach area was super quaint. There were trees right next to the beach, it felt like a fairy tale for some reason. I want to go back during the day and bring the Frisbee I bought at the mall above Paddy's Market, it has watermelons on it! I ate various foods all around Manly, so it's safe to say that I felt like one of those cute penguins in my last post when I was waddling around.
Botanical Gardens

On the way to Manly on the Ferry

I got all dolled up with three other students to catch a show at the internationally known Sydney Opera House. Before the show we grabbed a drink at the Opera Bar, they were pricey but delicious. Then we went inside for the 7pm show of Tchaikovsky's Manfred. I can proudly say that I stayed awake throughout the show's entirety from out seats in the back of the theater. By "back" I mean literally the last row, but it honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. When someone says the word 'concert' to me my mind automatically goes to arena concerts, and being in the back for those is the absolute worst.
Left to Right: Me, Andrew, Katie, Shannon
Our seats with no zoom

After the show we went back to the Opera Bar for dinner. I ate Yellow Thai Curry Chicken and it was amazing! Except for when I swallowed the seed of a pepper and I thought my mouth was going to catch on fire... I don't do well with spice.

I didn't do anything particularly fascinated on Tuesday. The highlight of my day was going to a Thai restaurant for their lunch special. I always love a good deal!

Excuse my messy plate

Our history class took a trip to the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. I've walked through Hyde Park a few times since being in Sydney and I've never been inside this building or even knew that it was a memorial. Our tour guide, Ryan, was very knowledgeable on Australian military history. Like I didn't know that Australians and New Zealanders fought in the World Wars.

Since I don't have class on Friday's I found it necessary to go clubbing for the first real time since I've been here. We went to The Ivy and I had the best night of my entire trip by far! I looked good so I felt great, having confidence can do wonders for you, maybe I'll try having it more often now. My friends and I have already made plans to go back next week and I'm too stoked.

Thursday's are nights with no cover charge so it's not surprising that the club was packed, but this didn't stop me from dancing my night away. My dogs were beyond barking once I made it outside into the cool Sydney air. (Random tip/ Tangent: My heels were too big for me but they're the only heels I brought with me so I had to make due. Thanks to YouTube I learned two tricks. 1. Put cotton balls in the front of your shoe 2. Spray the bottom of your feet with hairspray AND IT WORKED Tangent Over)

I will be in Uluru from Saturday until next Wednesday so I will be MIA, but it will be the good kind of Missing In Action. This also means that I will be back with amazing pictures of the Outback!


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