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Monday, August 10, 2015

This past weekend I went to my fourth One Direction concert in 4 years. Besides seeing this lovely group, I have seen: The Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball (twice), Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Little Sea, and 5 Seconds of Summer.

Ticket Purchasing Tips

  1. It's important to research and be on the lookout for presale codes. These will give you access to tickets before they go to the general public. Sometimes if you have a certain bank card, like Citi Bank, you can get early access to tickets. 
  2. Sign up for alerts with Ticketmaster and/or Live Nation. This way you'll always be updated in case an artist of your interest comes into your area. 
  3. Always buy tickets when they go on sale for a show that you're interested in, even if they go on sale a year before the show date because you can always sell them later.
  4. Use the Ticketmaster app if you're not close to a computer when tickets go on sale. I once did this to buy tickets during one of my classes last year.
  5. Have the seat map for the show you want to buy tickets for handy.
  6. Try and open two browsers when you first try to buy tickets when they first go on sale. That way you can compare seats and see which seats are better. 
What To Bring
  1. NO water, it's never allowed.
  2. I personally don't wear heels to concerts unless I plan on sitting during the entire show or I'm okay with having my feet hurt a lot. So my advice: don't do heels
  3. Tissues, napkins, headache medicine, basic wallet necessities.
  4. If your show is in a stadium you should check the forecast because you might have to bring a raincoat, waterproof phone case, or sunscreen.
  5. External battery
  6. Phone Charger
What To Wear
  1. If your seating is general admission (GA), don't wear open toe or white shoes. Your feet will get stepped on, which will only lead to dirty shoes and hurt toes. 
  2. If your show is during the winter make sure to wear layers because you will get hot in the arena and wish you had worn a short sleeved shirt. 
During The Show
  1. Try to look up the set list to see what songs they are playing that way to can know what songs to record because most of the time someone else will be recording the show and will post it online. 
  2. WATCH THE SHOW. I hate it when I see people on their phone for 80% of the show. You're here to make a memory and live in the moment. So sing your heart out and dance like no one is watching. 
General Tips
  • If you don't like crowds then leave during the last song because you will escape the massive amount of people trying to exit the show.
  • If your seat is not GA then there is no need to wait outside for the doors to open at 4 if the show doesn't start until 7. The only reason to go early would be to buy merchandise. You can actually just get merchandise during the opening act, the line will be much much shorter.
  • If you bring a sign be weary that they might take it, some arena's don't allow them inside and I wouldn't want all your hard work to go to waste. 
  • I suggest eating beforehand because arena food is expensive. I paid $4.75 for a bottle of water this weekend...
Lastly, have fun. Don't care about what the stranger infront, next to, or behind you thinks. 

3 years worth of One Direction concert tickets

I didn't take this photo but I absolutely love it. It's at a One Direction concert of course.

Pre-concert bagel bites and Polaroids

When you get to hang out with friends you met on Twitter and randomly met in the airport when you all were waiting to meet the same artist

My view when I saw One Direction in Baltimore

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